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Louise von Moonchild Yoga Wear: „I am full of energy and inspiration after my practice!“

I am really happy to introduce you Louise from the label Moonchild Yoga Wear. I discovered her nice and really special brand over the online shop beeathletcia. (Check out my first text that i wrote for her blog:-)) By checking Moonchilds website and the different kind of collections i got the wish to know more about the person behind. Cause that’s what important to us, that we know who is behind the stuff that we are buying and giving us insights in the way of production, isn’t it? The label is committed to eco-responsibility and decides mindful every decision they make in the manufacturing process. Sounds even better!

1) Louise, what is the most important thing about your label Moonchild?
Louise:  Moonchild Yoga Wear is all about the inspiring colors and the lights of Scandinavian nature as well as thee co-friendly Italien fabric. My husband is born and grew up in the most northern town in Denmark called Skagen. It is such a beautiful place and the nature there is very unique. The lights and colors I experienced there had been a huge inspiration in the work for Moonchild.

2) Where did the name „Moonchild“ come from?
Louise: I am a creative and thoughtful person and I was always inspired by people who didn’t take the strait road. I wanted to find a name that I could relate to that and that had the power to became a symbol for all the lovely girls out there who diverted and created their own identity.
Girls like myself, for whom words like integrity, love and unity first plays an important role in life.

3) How it developed that you founded your own label for yoga clothing? Did you feel that there was a need for the kind of things that you are producing?
Louise: I am an educated Fashion Designer and then 8 years ago I really fell in love with yoga.
There is a lot of lovely and colorful yoga wear out there, but I wanted to create a truly european brand. For me it feels like a dream come true, that i have the possibility to combine the two big passions in my life – yoga and design.

Louise Wang Nielsen 2

4) Moonchild Yoga Wear is an eco conscious activewear brand. Please take us a bit through the process of producing it.
Louise: Both the fabric printing and design works are made in Denmark. We have sourced the most amazing, soft, certified eco-friendly Italien fabric. This really feels like a second skin and has a very luxurious touch which is loved by our customers. (note from my side: I am totally impressed by that!!) Like one of our customers said „Once you have tried Moonchild, you can’t go back“. The clothes are then manufactured at quality dressmakers‘ in Denmark and Poland.

5) How does a typical day in your life as a founder look like?
Louise: Get up and get my two boys ready for school and daycare. Get ready for my daily yoga class at 9.30 – Rest of the day is a mix of meetings, taking pictures of textures and colors. Speaking with the dressmakers, alterations, samples. Meetings with magazines and retailers. Pick-up my boys again and then family time with my husband. 2-3 times a year I travel to get inspiration for new collections, visiting trade shows like the OM Yoga Show in London, that I joined this year.

6) Since when are you practicing and how Yoga made it into your life? Everyone has its own story and experience, so how was yours?
Louise: I always enjoyed an active lifestyle and tried all kind of sports from running, spinning and kick boxing. I moved to Dubai and had my first intense meeting with yoga in 2004. I was searching for a place to escape from the busy everyday life in Dubai and one of my friends told me about Bikram Yoga. I went along for my first class and was immediately fascinated by the fact I could find inner peace while improving both, my physical and mental strength.  This experience was followed by a more intense interest in 2007.  Later on i lived for 2 years in London, where the yoga scene is much more versatile than in Denmark and I fell in love with Bikram Yoga.

Louise Wang Nielsen

7) What is so special for you about Yoga?
Louise: Yoga is my 90 minutes of space during a day packed with phone calls, emails, decision making and travels. When im practicing I switch of or I am still practicing the skill and not thinking about anything ;)
Yoga makes me a more patient mother, a better wife. I also have more endurance on my runs and I am full of energy and inspiration after my practice.

8) Which Moonchild piece is your favorite one and why?
Louise: The New Elements print is our bestseller, but personally I am so in love with the understated print of Wild Child and the way the leggings feels and looks like.

9) You have three wishes free, tell me which ones;-)
Louise: Hmmm, hard to say for me. Well I guess I live by trying and doing in stead of wishing ;-)

A big thank you to Louise for the nice interview and the insights in her life and her wonderful label! Lots of light and love for your future!

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